Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Tuesday, November 30

Blue-state liberals are always invoking laws, agreements, and logic that nobody really cares about; we red-state conservatives know that the only law and the only logic that matters is God's will

A follow-up to yesterday's post: in comments to Jen's post about how it's okay for us to kill innocent Iraqis because they killed innocent Americans first and God's on our side, several crazed liberals started throwing all sorts of irrelevant nonsense at her, like the Geneva Conventions, which, as we pointed out yesterday, are just a thinly veiled piece of liberal propaganda anyway.

And anyway, as Jen noted in response, we have honored the Geneva Conventions in the past:

The Geneva Convention -- I believe we have honored that piece of paper. Why? You never saw any photos of WWII POW's (Japanese and German) getting their heads chopped off while here in the States. In Canada, the Nazi soldiers worked on farms which led to their release.

See? We've been honoring the Geneva Convention for a long time. We've got a track record. Surely that should count for something? Surely it's okay if the Bush administration, well, interprets the agreement not to bomb civilians and torture POWs a little loosely for a change?

But this is actually sort of a weak argument. The stronger red-state conservative argument, that the Geneva Conventions are actually irrelevant to God's Chosen Instrument on earth, George W. Bush, is made by Kevin from Strategy Revolutions, in an impatient rant against the "libs" on Jen's comment page:

I'm with you Jen,

I can't believe that this is the liberal arguement. They have pointed at the Geneva Convention, which I doubt many people have read. Well the Geneva Convention only applies to those that have signed it.

Second, I'm sure that these same people would have gladly gone over to the workers paradise that was Iraq and given up their cushy lives in the West. Heck the average Iraqi would have traded with them.

The liberal postiton is that only the Western White countries can have freedom, liberty and democracy. That fit sin with their racist attitude that only government can cure the pains of minorities.

Sorry for the rant, but the libs deserve it!

This is clearly a much more powerful argument than the one Jen herself originally came up with: the Geneva Conventions don't even apply to us, because probably nobody has even read them, so America almost certainly hasn't even signed them! So it doesn't really matter what so-called "atrocities" we perpetrate in God's name--because God is bigger than the stupid Geneva Conventions! The Geneva Conventions are not really civilized countries' collective attempt to protect their citizens and soldiers against the brutality of other nations in war; they're a mere irritating roadblock to our acting as God's fist in the Middle East.

Besides, it's our government's duty to do whatever it takes to bring freedom, liberty, and democracy to Iraq--even if that means killing tens or even hundreds of thousands of them and bombing their social and technical infrastructure into the Stone Age. Blue-state liberals are wrong about it being the government's responsibility to cure the pains of minorities in this country; it's really only the government's responsibility to cure the pains of minorities in other countries, by armed force if necessary--that is, if they resist! And because our standard of living is so much better than Iraqis', we're actually doing them a huge favor by occupying their country, bombing their cities to rubble, and killing tens of thousands of civilians--and liberals who claim to hate the destructions of war are in actuality just using fake pacifism to conceal their true racist belief that only Western whites get to live good lives.

As Jen remarks in her response to Kevin, this is good solid red-state conservative logic: "It's fine Kevin ... at least you presented some logical arguments unlike these two liberal yahoos." Needless to say, Kevin's isn't the kind of logic you might study at blue-state liberal colleges like Harvard, Yale, or Berkeley! No, it's a much stronger, more masculine, more red-state logic, the logic typical of, say, Bob Jones University. In a word, it's a more godlike logic, the logic that God Himself used on the Canaanites, when the ancient Hebrews were conquering back the land that He had given to Abraham--the logic of "kill them all, let Me sort them out." It's the logic that blue-state liberals used to ridicule back during the Vietnam War: "killing for peace is like screwing for virginity." But see, if tens of thousands of evil godless terrorists stand between these people and peace, we have to kill them to make peace a reality! We have to wreak the vengeance of the Lord upon them, until every last one of them is dead--then the Middle East will have peace, and freedom, and democracy, and McDonald's, and Coca-Cola, and Enron, and Halliburton!

And who knows? Maybe in the end screwing will bring virginity. After all, everything is possible in the Lord!