Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Tuesday, November 16

Blue-state liberals hate the family and want to destroy it with equality for women and gay marriage; we red-state conservatives love our families

Rachel at Bitchalicious Chicks for Bush loves her husband Gary. This is what she wrote to him in a post entitled "Dear Gary":

I love you Baby. Thankyou for being an absolute wonderful husband while me and mom run around shopping here and shopping there and you're just taking it like a champ.

You didn't even argue about giving up that nice comfy bed for mom. You didn't argue when we sat down to watch chick flicks and sob.

You're the best. I never want to lose you. I love you so much. :)

Rachel does a lot of shopping, in fact. Most of her posts are about what stores she went to with what friend and what they bought there. Recently she has been to Tuesday Morning, IKEA, and Lori's, and spent hundreds of dollars. Way to go, Rachel! That's what makes this country great, spending money on consumer items! It doesn't really matter what you buy--whether it's a crystal punch bowl, a cat food dish, or Laura Ashley slippers--so long as you're out there circulating the currency! Keeping those ones and zeroes hopping! And look how understanding Gary is about all this--of course, because he knows that women have to shop! He must have the Lord in his heart too. This is the kind of red-state conservative who votes for George Bush, because George Bush is on the side of big business!

Blue-state liberals care about original ideas and critical thinking; we red-state conservatives care about getting right with God

Michelle Potter at #!/usr/bin/mom attended a rally at a Planned Parenthood clinic the other day. She didn't want to go in, because she found it creepy that inside that building people were killing fetuses just like the one in her womb. So she stayed outside and thought the following thoughts, which, you'll notice, are not obsessed with originality or complexity like blue-state liberals would be, but are focused on the old important issue of getting right with God:

most of the people there were standing in a group praying the rosary. i stood with them for a minute, but it wasn't really working for me. if i was going to pray i wanted to have a conversation with god, not just say the rosary. but i'm sure they did some good, because prayer is prayer.

i ended up standing by a man who had a sign that said "the baby leaped in her womb" from luke 1:41. i didn't have a sign, but he said the witness of just being there, especially with my babies, meant something.

so we stood there and watched women walk into the clinic, and one woman stood by the gate and prayed for each one. eventually the boys were cranky and we had to leave.

lord, i pray that our witness made some difference and was good in your sight.

See? Prayer is prayer, and is bound to do some good. The witness of just being there, especially with your babies, means something. What more basic wisdom is there than that? What profits the blue-state liberal who thinks critically about such ideas, who sneers at the "vague weak-mindedness" of "do some good" and "means something"? Nothing at all.

Blue-state liberals care about spelling and punctuation and grammar; we red-state conservatives care about having our hearts in the right place

Sebastin at Sebastin's Site exudes sincerity on an issue close to the hearts of red-state conservatives: love between a man and a woman. He is so caught up in his sincerity, in fact, that minor things like plurals and possessives become overwhelmingly unimportant--as they should be! The only possessive that matters in the end is the emotional one that makes sure your special someone isn't stepping out on you! And the only plural that counts is the two that a man and woman make when joined in the bonds of holy matrimony:

I have been asking this question for the past few month's, I am stilll unable to conclude, I have even tried plucking petal from a flower asking "I am in Love, I am Not", the last petal is always left in the flower.

I might be the only one guy on earth who has not even asked the girl wheather she likes me or not, and make plans about everything else. Yes I know that its a mistake, but I dont have any other way to go. Each ane every moment in my life does not go through without her thoughts, yes there are times when I have never thought of her. When I am sleeping.

Will I still have her, when I have made my desicion?

Let's See.

God wants you to have her, Sebastin! Remember, no matter what a loser you are, or even what a loser she is, God has given her to you--so as the Beatles sang, go and get her!