Saturday, November 27, 2004

Friday, November 27

Blue-state liberals hate the family and want to destroy it with equality for women and gay marriage; we red-state conservatives love our families

Dragonfly at A Dragonflys Life knows that God wants her and her family to be in a good red state like Tennessee, even though they don't have health insurance and she has run out of the medications that keep her chemically balanced:

I ran out of my chemical balancing Meds. I need them, I used to think that I could "get over this" on my own. But unfortunately, or fortunately how ever you want to think of it, I realized about 4 or so years ago that I need to stay on them. And strangley enough it took my almost 3 more years before i went to the Dr about it. Any way before we left and moved here. my DR had written me a 90 day supply so "I wouldn't run out", well I ran out and now i am very nervous, and feeling physically sick at the thought of not having Health, Life or Dental Insurance...... I need to have these back, not just for me but for the whole family. I still truely believe that the Lord wanted us here, man sometimes in my weak human state I get soooo F-ing scared that we made yet another mistake..... Even if we did, god knows that in our hearts we truely thought we were doing his will. So I know He will take care of us, we just need to be patient ................. I guess. It is soooooooo hard to be patient.

At least she can be sure that the Lord's Chosen Instrument on earth, President George W. Bush, is hard at work making sure that the government doesn't start handing out health insurance to poor families like unearned candy!

Dragonfly is also thankful for her family in this Thanksgiving season:

Well we went to Red's Mothers house. its about 2-hours away. We left at 10am, had to make a pitstop at Starbucks (yum!). I got the Venti, hey if i had to deal with the MIL I was going to be fully awake for it.

SIL #2 and family, and SIL #3 and family was there. That part was fine. It was the MIL from hell, and the BIL from Hell that was the Prob. Toe and his Cuz curls (they are 6 months apart, Toe the older) are close, but not gross. anyway BIL is a total freak and started talking about how he had some cousin in WV that had ended up getting married. Oh MY!!! I told him not to talk to them like that. he stopped for like a sec. Then I told Toe just to leave. he did, then came back. And BIL from Hell started in again. So I walked out of the room, and told SIL #3 that she needed to do something about her Brother. Anyway finally the kids stayed away from him.
I had Sweet Babe on my lap, I was the only one that could get her to sleep yes i am patting my self on the back. Anyway. BIL started in again, but not about gross cousins, he started in on how he didn't think that he were ever going to control Tooty. Then he started in on how it was a shame and he hated to see it how we had broken down Toe's Spirit.... I almost said and you with the son that you didn't raise him and the daughter out there some where that wasn't raised by him either. YIKES!! I mean I gave up drinking 14 years ago, but man did I want a jack and Coke yesterday, more jack than coke please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am totally paraphasing, there is not enough room to go over all the crap that happened yesterday........ I am very glad that we will not be all getting together until next thanksgiving. Yeah I am thankful this only happens once a fricking year.......... :)

Note that smiley at the end: that signals to us that she doesn't really mean her bitter attacks on her in-laws seriously. She's a good Christian woman who is just letting off steam in a humorous fashion.

Blue-state liberals care about original ideas and critical thinking; we red-state conservatives care about getting right with God

MInTheGap at MInTheGap's Web Journal addresses the Scriptural basis for males and females dressing so as to make the difference in sex obvious to everyone: "In essence, God created them male and female and He wants them looking the part. (Contrast this to current society's desire for genderless bathrooms, crossdressers, etc...)." He goes through a plethora of Bible passages, which suggest many complex things--such as that men should wear skirts, ha ha!--and then concludes: "There is a good principle in there, though, which I've alluded to before. There should be a difference in your dress than the opposite sex." This is a good principle, despite what cynical blue-state liberal carpers might say about "difference in your dress than"! You should be able to tell at a glance that a man is a man (no long hair! no drag! no jewelry!) and a flat-chested narrow-hipped woman is a woman (no short hair! no jeans!). He explains:

Having attended a conservative Christian University whose dress code was for women to wear skirts/dresses most of the time, I can attest to the fact that going to the mall was quite the adventure "women in jeans!" Does this have an effect on men? Sure.

And don't listen to blue-state carping about punctuation its not that important the main thing is being right with God does this have an effect on Christians? Sure. What effect? Well if it isn't obvious you shouldn't be calling yourself a red-state conservative Christian.

MInTheGap also cites another blog:

M. Thaxter Dickey talks about modesty in his web article. He has five reasons for being modest in dress:

1. It is unfair to men
2. It is a dangerous threat to Chastity
3. It is unfair to women
4. It is an indicator of uncertain character
5. It reflects poorly on one's vocation as a Christian

See? It really is unfair to men when women are modest in dress: we can't see their breasts and buttocks! Modesty in dress is also a truly (or, as Dragonfly writes, truely) dangerous threat to Chastity and is totally unfair to women. How is a woman to land a good Christian man if she has to dress modestly? Of course, this doesn't mean she should sleep around: sex is for marriage only. But modest dress is unfair because it keeps women from giving their future husbands a visual foretaste of the splendors that await them once the minister says amen! Modesty in dress also indicates uncertainty of character: only shy, timid, uncertain girls hide their assets from potential suitors!

Now blue-state liberals, who are so obsessed with clarity of expression, might object that MInTheGap didn't really intend for Thaxter Dickey's list to be five reasons for MODESTY in dress; he meant, in fact, the exact opposite, and merely messed up his introduction to the list. MInTheGap and Thaxter Dickey, the carpers might claim, really LIKE modesty, and MInTheGap should have written something like "He has five reasons why immodesty in dress is bad." But this is evil-minded nit-pickery and second-guessery. MInTheGap clearly wrote that Thaxter Dickey (a good red-state name if ever I saw one) wrote AGAINST modesty, and we should learn to stop second-guessing our betters! They are our betters because they KNOW better!